NDEC is a company, which has been established by a group of very experienced team of professionals in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The company is a highly capable and able to be very responsive in seeking new opportunities for the development of projects as a general contractor. It is also capable, and interested in working on major projects as a project management contractor.


Namavaran Delvar Engineering and Construction company(NDEC)was established at 2004 as a leading provider of technical design and engineering consultancy (especially in oil, gas and petrochemical fields), construction supervising, feasibility study, engineering support, technical inspection, industrial projects management and procurement services.

NDEC'S MC projects experience includes the management of Kharg Island olefin complex and Assaluye's 5th olefin complex which is awarded for the first time to an Iranian company in this scale and authorization.

NDEC skilled specialists in oil, gas and petrochemical industries are ready to provide consultancy and engineering support.